Counos Platform is featured on the Summer/Autumn 2021 edition of Business Booster Today Magazine

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The financial demands and requirements of people all over the world change and evolve as time goes by. As…

What can be better than a cryptocurrency made especially for online gaming that offers a wide variety of benefits for holders? Well, that is exactly what Xbit is.

Xbit Coin is a cryptocurrency designed as part of Xbit project that other than the digital currency, also offers an online Casino.

Xbit is a project that has been developed to revolutionize online gaming industry. Xbit offers a cryptocurrency and an online casino based on the Blockchain technology.

A Blockchain-based online gaming platform completely removes all the issues with the conventional gaming industry, such as scalability, lack of privacy, security, transparency, and…

In simple terms, a stablecoin is a cryptocurrency with a fixed price and value. In order to keep a stable value, stablecoins use a variety of different methods.

Stablecoins have been specially designed to keep a steady and stable price, much like traditional currencies, or fiat currencies; with added advantages…

Security has always been a central issue when a new technology steps forward. In the case of Blockchain, we can no longer consider it a new technology. It has been around for quite some time, and its offspring, digital currencies, have also been around for a while.

But still, there…

What is securitization? In very simple terms, securitization refers to the process in which an asset is transformed into a security.

The asset at hand is not liquid, which is referred to as an illiquid asset.

In other words, when this process takes place, a marketable instrument is created for…


Counos Platform is an online peer-to-peer platform with a wide variety of financial services which meets sophisticated online financial demands of Counos users.

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