COVID-19 Could Accelerate Crypto Adoption

Connoisseurs believe that COVID-19 has changed everything and it could ultimately end up accelerating Blockchain adoption. They believe COVID-19 has made centralized governments more powerful than ever before, and feel that government overstepping is causing people to seek new ways to maintain their fundamental rights.

Balaji S. Srinivasan, known for numerous roles in the crypto space, says economy is no longer an “abstract” thing, rather it is a data structure that can be “paused, edited, and analyzed”. If he’s right, this could ultimately result in state control over the economy.

Srinivasan predicts that blockchain will act as the “law of the sea” for the internet to regulate the “no man’s land” in the decade to come. He also notes that this could be where “international capitalism” happens.

He concluded: “Ultimately there are two modalities that people can accept. A, we have total power. B, no one has power over us. On the other hand of the spectrum you have Bitcoin which no one has power over it. “

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