Swiss Blockchain Company: Switzerland and the Crypto Revolution

Switzerland is widely recognized as one of the most exalted pioneers in the realm of implementation of Blockchain technology. Swiss Jurisdiction and its legal entities have always embraced the noble innovations and thus have established a collective and universal vision regarding new opportunities risen from the crypto industry.

Having established crypto-friendly regulations, Switzerland has been an ideal destination for some of the world’s most prominent Blockchain-based companies. Swiss legal and institutional regulations have convinced major crypto companies to commence their journey in the land of Rolex watches. Switzerland is also a prominent country regarding political and economic stability and that has paved the way for innovation centers and Blockchain enterprises to engage in financial activities.

Having transparent legal regulations, being benefited from consistent economic growth and political stability, and enjoying from the well-eligible technological infrastructures are among the most significant reasons why Switzerland has come thus far in the Blockchain industry that world’s leading crypto companies are willing to be registered in Swiss Judiciary. This country likewise has advanced laboratories and equipment that provide specialized facilities for research needs in the field of Blockchain and crypto industry.

Switzerland government regards Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) as a unique opportunity to revolutionize its payment gateways and create new prospects for its forthcoming generations. Counos Platform is one of the most renowned crypto and blockchain-based companies in Switzerland. In the following we shall have a comprehensive review of how Counos Platform works and what prominent features it has.

Counos Platform; A Multifunctional Company Specialized in Crypto Services

Counos is a Swiss-based peer to peer decentralized platform that offers various services in the domain of the Blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Since its establishment in 2018, Counos platform has been able to provide its users all across the world with safe and secure crypto services.

Counos also has removed geographical borders and legal restrictions. Via the means of Counos payment gateways, users are authorized to perform independently in capital markets and with no intermediaries obstructing the natural progression of trades, citizens are once again empowered to get engaged in financial activities without apprehension that central agencies may deprive them of their natural rights.

Counos Cryptocurrencies & Stablecoins

Since 2018, Counos platform has introduced various cryptocurrencies and stablecoin. The value of Counos cryptocurrencies is determined by the supply and demand indicators which are set forth by the given market. Counos stablecoins also possess a consistent price during time and are unaffected by market fluctuations which has made them more appropriate for those investors who would rather to buy cryptos with no danger of losing them in market volatilities.

Counos X and Counos U are two major bankable cryptocurrencies which are among the best coins worldwide. Users are able to exchange the aforementioned cryptocurrencies with fiat money through Counos Decentralized Exchange.

Counos also has made it possible for its users to store their coins in Staking Wallets and benefit from the network fees consequently. Currently Counos Platform has different staking plans from 3 months to a year.

Counos Decentralized Exchange

Counos Decentralized Exchange is a secure and safe medium that has made it possible for users to buy and sell a wide range of cryptocurrencies from all across the world. Since 2019, it has delivered various services to traders all across the world.

Counos Decentralized Exchange has observed and fulfilled all security considerations and won’t allow any fraudulent activity to harm users’ digital assets. It is required for all users to register their identity information better known as preserving KYC (Know Your Customer) protocol, before being allowed to use Counos Decentralized Exchange services.

To prevent money laundering and combating against terrorism financing, Counos platform is highly vigilant to be totally in compliance with security concerns and try to make sufficient facilities to counteract against fraudsters and hackers.

Counos Escrow (Multi-Sig Wallet)

Counos Escrow is a trusted third party which keeps hold of traders’ assets, before all members meet their due obligations which are cited in the contract. The aforesaid assets are kept in a wallet known as Multi-Sig Wallet and then it shall be reimbursed to the parties concerned under appropriate conditions.

Counos Escrow is well designed for moments in which both sides of a contract do not necessarily trust each other. On the one side the buyer is hesitant to make the payment before being sure that the due goods are delivered as assumed and on the other side the seller does not desire to deliver the goods without assurance of payment.

Counos Payment Gateway

Counos Payment Gateway has made it possible for all users to buy goods and services from online shops and businesses. Counos Payment Gateway is designed in a very secure and safe environment. While making assurance that the payments are made, Counos Payment Gateway, via providing specialized facilities, also has a unique feature that allows shopping centers and businesses to withdraw the payments.


Via implementation of crypto-friendly regulations, Switzerland has represented itself as an ideal destination for crypto companies and Blockchain-based institutions. Counos Platform as a crypto and Blockchain-based company was established in 2018 in Switzerland. Since then, Counos has introduced a variety of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain-based services. As it was lately presented by CoinMarketCap, two of Counos Coins are among 100 most prestigious cryptos worldwide. That certainly affirms the level of accountability that Counos Platform has in regard of preserving its users’ right wherever they might be.

Counos Platform is an online peer-to-peer platform with a wide variety of financial services which meets sophisticated online financial demands of Counos users.